A Note From Micael gore

Dear Readers,

Rarely do I talk to about my writing.  A school teacher once found a story that  I dropped.  It led to me being suspended and in therapy for over a year.  My parents were disgusted and never looked at me the same again. Ever since then I never let anyone see my dark imagination. 

For a long time I kept my stories hidden.  I only shared them with the bodies I prepared for funerals.  In fact I started to fold up copies of my tales and slipped them into the coffins as a sort of, going away present.  It was that mistake that lead me to being published.  I slipped one of the short stories into an old man’s coffin one night, only this time, I got caught.

At first I was mortified and scared when the man approached me.  I thought I was going to fired or beaten or both.  Yet, the man liked the story, he liked it so much he asked for more.  I showed him several more and he raved about them, said it was a shame that they were not out in the world for people to enjoy. 

That was a year ago, now, now I have the courage to release my twisted thoughts upon the world.  Though I am comfortable letting others read my stories, I am not comfortable talking about them or taking credit for my work.  I have worked with the dead for so long that the living are the ones who scare me.  Therefore, I have decided to not do the publicity and promotions for my book, my publisher asked me, or more so begged to do, but I just can not.  Therefore, I have appointed the man who first found my stories, Michael Aloisi, as my surrogate author.  He has agreed to do the press and publicity for the book for me so I can remain where I am happy, with the dead.

I will gladly keep writing and releasing my stories, though I am happy to stay hidden in my funeral home.  I’m just thankful to know there are others out there like me, who like to walk on the dark side. 

Enjoy the Gore my friends,

Michael Gore