Biography of Michael Gore

Michael Gore was born in a small town in New England.  His earliest memory is of his father standing above him with a bloody knife.  Being that his father was a butcher, he was around blood and raw meat his entire childhood.  It is probably why at a young age he was fascinated with dead animals and even ended up in therapy at the age of nine for “finding out what made them tick.”.  After that he learned to keep his curiosity to himself. 

At sixteen he was a horror film fanatic.  Not only did he watch every slasher film he could get his hands on, he took it a step farther and got a job at a local funeral home, even though he already worked sixteen hours a week cleaning intestines for his father to make sausage out of.  After several years of cleaning up the funeral home  they let him assist in the embalming practice.  This only fed into his appetite for the macabre. 

Though his father wanted him to take over the butcher shop, Michael decided to play with human flesh instead of animals.  In 2000 he graduated from Mortuary School and secured employment as a mortician.  

Now, in-between draining bodies of blood, Michael spends his time writing.  When asked why he writes such dark things he only replied with,  “to keep me from doing them in real life.” 

Author Photo

(Mr. Gore Refused to pose for publicity photo)